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G3 Announces Universal Portrait Packs Plus New Portrait Pack

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As part of the migration, one big item on my to-do list was to revamp the download center. One of biggest issues I noticed was just how out-of-date the portrait packs were--several did not work on the EEs, and some didn't even have Linux versions. One thing led to another and before long I was building all-new versions for all of the portrait packs.

In addition to making sure everything worked for the EEs and adding Linux versions, all portrait packs now universal. All portraits in all packs can be used as player portraits on all Infinity Engine games (excluding original and Enhanced Editions of PsT). In other words you can now use, say, Amaurea's BG2 Portraits for your next IWD2 party... or Siege of Dragonspear... or the original Icewind Dale. You get the idea. All portrait packs are available for perusal in the gallery, or grab the new versions from the download center.

With the code already written, it was also pretty easy to put together a brand new portrait mod: the Infinity Collection Portrait Pack. Every portrait from every Infinity Engine game--be it an NPC portrait or a player portrait--packaged together for use as player portraits for any game. All in all it adds over 150 new player portraits.


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