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Ascalon's Questpack updates to v2.05 (Kerzenburgforum)!

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Ascalon's Questpack

During the course of the game one is often inspired with smaller or bigger ideas for side-quests or stories that take place parallel to the story of the bhaalspawn. This modification is a collection of my ideas: Several quests of differing dimensions. Some are humorous, others of the tragic kind. There are puzzles and combat challenges. Several require a diplomatic touch. A few are race- and class-specific. (Ascalon)

The mod adds quests to both BG1 and BGII. It can be installed directly to BG:EE, BGII:EE, EET, BGT, Tutu (w TotSC), and BGII. Language versions German, English.


Ascalon's Questpack updates to v2.05 with some bugfixes!



  • "The Serpents of Abbathor": journal entry should not be set upon entering the Undercellar if quest is finished; shadows in the mines now give XP;
  • "The Lost Son": in case the son was saved before talking to the mother the first time, she will recognise his presence and the quest will not be given first; the son should leave with the mother and not remain at the Friendly Arm Inn
  • "Of Wolves and Men": quest should now be solvable regardless of whom the PC meets first; quest can still have happy end if werewolf was killed before talking to Aiwell; corrected misspelled name "Tonder" in Setup-AC_QUEST.tra; more journal entries added; PC can offer the werewolf's corpse to Thalantyr regardless of quest status; sword in the chest will have the correct description text.
  • description for SLNG04.ITM corrected,
  • items will only be installed if not present (instead of checking for BG:EE)
  • adding ac_quest.ini
  • renaming setup-ac_quest.ini to ac_quest.ini
  • update to weiDU v246


German Discussion Thread at Kerzenburgforum

English Discussion Thread at BeamDog Forum

Download from Kerzenburg Download Site

Download from Jastey's GitHub




Baldur's Gate I:

- A Job Well-Paid
What happens when adventurers are a bit too eager to spend their first big money? Travel to Beregost to find out.

- A Feast for the Gnolls
It was supposed to be a romantic picnic, but then everything went wrong. Look for Mrs Wellstone in Nashkel and help the poor woman find her son.

- The Great Carlini
Once a gnome's scientific curiousity has been stirred there is nothing that can stop him. Not even the spell that once cost the archmage Carlini hist life. Look for Ygnatius in the Friendly Arm Inn (he is hard to miss).

- Fangirls
True fangirls stay true to their idols, just like Cindy, Mandy and Ashley in the north-western part of Baldur's Gate...

- A Home for the Gibberlings
What does an artist create when out of ideas? Trouble, lots of trouble, considering what Gerlado the Splendiferous in the central part of Baldur's Gate has been up to recently.

- The Lost Son
All the half-elf Aphriel wanted was to lay down her bow in favour of a simple life. But then everything changed. Meet her in the bandit camp after dealing with the guards.

- Of Wolves and Men
Aiwell the mage has barred her doors - from the outside. Find out why near High Hedge.

- Flopsy
An epic tale of honour, friendship and bunny-rabbits.

- The Serpents of Abbathor
A mysterious dwarven kult is recruiting along the Sword Coast and heroes are in great demand! At the moment only te BG 1 part is complete. Loot Mulahey's corpse or travel to the south-west part of Baldur's Gate to get started.

Baldur's Gate II:

- A Halfling among the Eyeless
Who will help Mrs Lawner to find her missing son?

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