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Guest Raven_Song



Just downloaded the latest pack and wanted to try a few things so I created a barbarian which I intended to dual to a druid (loved playing this class in IWD2). Also I wanted to make sure the component was working right but I only get the option to dual into a cleric or thief.


The characters stats were


STR 18/97

DEX 17

CON 16

INT 10

WIS 18

CHA 15 (originally 8 but I sk'd it as I wondered whether the fact she didn't have the 15 minimum would affect her bwing able to dual but it doesn't seem to make a difference).


I did read it right that a barbarian could dual into a druid.


Any suggestions.


Otherwise great work.

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Guest Raven_Song
Dual-classing to a druid requires 17 wisdom and 17 charisma. Druid alignment restrictions are also in effect, so you also need to be true neutral--remember BG2 is 2e so you don't get the expanded druid 3e allowed alignments of NG, NE, LN, and CN.


Cheers. I SK'd her charisma again and it works fine.

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