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The Dirgesinger


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My PC is a Dirgesinger - a really great idea for a bard btw.

While I think his ability to affect enemies THAC0 and saving throws is fitting, the fact that his song doesn't improve as he gains levels makes him underpowered in my opinion. Especially for the later parts of the game, and ToB. Unlike the Jester's song his ability is hampered by magic resistance. Also all his developement takes place during the first 9 levels - thereafter he is stuck with them (HLAs aside). Finally he cant wear anything heavier than studded leather.


I like this kit and want to make it a bit more worthwhile by enabling the Dirgesinger to give a -2 to THAC0 & saving throws at level 15, a -3 at level 20, similar to the Skald's and Jester's song improvement. With Shadowkeeper.


And here is my problem. I am not very familiar with SK. :)

Could someone here give me advice where and how to increase the effect of his song, please? Is it even possible?


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the kind words. :)


That's a good idea - I'll probably change it for v2. It's not something you can change with Shadowkeeper, so I've gone and done it now. Unzip this file and put it in the Dirgesinger subfolder of the Song and Silence folder, replacing the original A!DSSONG.SPL, and reinstall the kit via setup-song_and_silence.exe in your BG2 folder. You won't need to start a new game.


This changes the song to have a -1 modifier at level 1, -2 at level 10, -3 at level 20 and -4 at level 40.


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Thanks a lot! That is definitely more than I was hoping for.

Looks like the Jester will have to yield his place as my favourite kit to the Dirgesinger now. From one extreme to the other...


I hope this isn't too bold ;) but: The Jester's song, as an innate ability, ignores magic resistance, therefor it will affect golems and drow as well. Shouldn't the Dirgesinger's song be capable of the same? Unless you have made it so for specific reasons of course.

It would be really appreciated if you could/would post a fixed file.


And perhaps even change it for a v.2. I feel that will make him whole as a bardic kit.

But that is really just a suggestion.


In any event - thanks again.



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It's meant to be a magical effect, so I don't think ignoring magic resistance is a good idea. However, it can still affect golems/drow and so on (just it is less likely).


EDIT: I'm not sure if I will keep the same song progression for v2 as I just posted, but it will definitely progress somewhat.

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