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Wheels of Prophecy updated to 8.3

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On 2/4/2024 at 11:17 PM, CrevsDaak said:

The issue with not being able to end the game due to a global variable bug is not known? Damn, I thought it must have been, so I never brought it up (when I got it and googled it, people on arcanecoast.ru (I think?) seemed to have had figured it out, and so I assumed that), otherwise I would've posted about it earlier, I apologize for not checking. Specifically, the issue I refer to is the following:

a) not being able to travel to the Forest of Tethyr via the Pocket Plane after resolving the issue of Balthazar (doesn't matter how it is resolved) because dialogue with the Pocket Plane invisible creature never happens (itpplane.bcs just sends you back)

b) AFTER traveling to the Forest of Tethyr, not being able to enter the final fight with Smellyssan

Both issues are related to and caused by the fact that they check the global fin_balth_checkpoint_passed which is never set to 1, which is what gets checked. Instead, the dialogues with Balthazar et al sources of DMWWGroveRevealed, set that to 1 in order to allow the player to travel there.

The check for fin_balth_checkpoint_passed==1 in ppguy01.dlg should be removed, and let that trigger be just DMWWGrove==2, as that's set once the player has already gone and talked to the heads in the grove, and it's already there.

The check for fin_balth_checkpoint_passed==1 in itpplane.bcs should be changed for DMWWGroveRevealed==1 which is set once either Balthazar and the other two are dead, or once you talk him out of fighting you and kill the mage version of Smellyssan.

Note that DMWWGrove and DMWWGroveRevealed are both handled perfectly, and simply changing this fixes all the related bugs (the two issues listed above) completely. Attached is a small fix that patches both files in order to remove fin_balth_checkpoint_passed in favour of the other variables.

Edit: re: @Angel yes, this issue is specific to Ascension+Wheels (which is why it won't ever happen w/o Ascension). But it's entirely caused by something Wheels modifies (which is sending you back to the Grove), while also leaving that variable from Ascension in the Pocket Plane checks. Just changing those two files as I've done (though it isn't robust enough for actual deployment I think) is enough to fix this issue.

c7-fixwheels.tp2 632 B · 10 downloads

Any chance you could take a look at the bug above?

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I already tried reproducing it a dozen times, only ever got it once, I'll take a look when I have the time but without being able to consistently reproduce the bug and being generally clueless about cutscenes it's probably going to be a tough one. When I got it, I reloaded and *never* got it again, so compared to the Grove bug it's rather low priority, though I'll fix it if I can.

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