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Preventing a loop


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The Loop Garoo... I have a spell that dangles some chains, that is, has some chain Play Sound effects in it, and it is supposed to trigger whenever a character bearing those chains starts walking, for a certain duration overall. Take a step, sound a dangle. Naturally, I used the Apply Spell on Movement effect, but that only works once, because it is itself removed after the dangling sound plays. The spell needs to be reapplied to start the whole ready-to-play-sound business all over again, waiting for the character to start walking after the next stop, and so on. But if include an ASM effect in the sound-playing spell itself, the whole thing goes into an infinite loop, and the computer locks up. I don't know why exactly - the spell is not to be cast on itself straight away, it should just play the sound and set up the system to recast it again, and otherwise go away. Anyhow, there has got to be a workaround for this, two spells casting each other in a sequence or some such, to avoid a lock-up. This is probably a familiar situation to many, so I'm asking here. Advice appreciated.

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