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Imoen 4 Ever Overview and Readme

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27 minutes ago, Guest LZenn said:

What I miss in the game is an avenue to try to pursue legal methods to bring Irenicus to trial for his many misdeeds.  He's off to Spellhold for a petty crime and all the horrendous things he's done are completely ignored by the officials.  As a good aligned character, I'd eagerly volunteer to escort his head to the chopping block. 

Funnily enough, that is exactly what Brage will miss in my Brage NPC mod (yes that is a shameless self-promotion for one of my ongoing porjects) when I come to writing the BGII part. He lost his status as Amnish Commander but he does sense that Irenicus should be prosecuted by Amnish civil forces, not just the Cowled Wizards for what he did to CHARNAME, and also destroying the Promenade etcpp. It won't have much impact to the game, though, as all he can do is having fits about it...


Thank you very much for the feedback and the kind words. It's one of the essentials which make modding so much fun.

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