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Installing SCS mid game

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Hello, I was playing SOA with an older version of SCS and installed the newest one.

Now many of enemies dont do anything, just stand there. (but when I try to start a new game, the same enemies do fine, attack, cast spells etc)

Is this a known issue? (I think I once heard you should not install SCS in the middle of a playthrough, but I am not sure where.)


Mostly, I am trying to figure out whether it is going to be OK or whether I should just reinstall the whole game.


Also, assumming this is a known issue: if I finish SOA (i am reasonably close to the end), is it possible that TOB will work fine?


Note: I also have fixpack and a few npc mods but those should be fine with SCS.

Thank you.

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This is very well known, non bug, but a consequence of your own ... .

Now, yes, if you exit to an area you have not been in, the enemies there should work exactly as they do in the game you started after a fresh install. So your only mistake was to assume the area you are in or have been in already, are included. They are not. Or more like they get the very short end of the stick.

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