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Problems with Moinesse's avatar pack

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First time that I tried this graphical mod, installed it on clean, patched ( although without BG2 fixpack, I guess that doesn't count in this case ) install of SoA:ToB. I won't comment on good and bad sides of the rest of the components but component 2 ( Female Clerics and Druids Avatars ), component 3 ( Male Half-Orc Paper Doll ) and component 5 ( Male Human Barbarian Avatars ) are not working at all. 

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It seems that component 5 (  Male Human Barbarian Avatars ) does work but not the way it was intended. :D It changes paperdoll of all human male fighters when they don leather armor in something... interesting. If you ever wandered how would look medieval Rambo just try it. :p

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And the reason why it just change paperdoll and not avatar also is that there is compatibility issue between it and Sentrizeal's Alternate Avatar Pack mod and it's component "Human Male Gladiator to replace Human Fighter Male leather armor (B2) avatar". I mean how hard can it be to just write in  Moinesse's avatar pack readme: this component change Human Fighter Male leather armor avatar. 

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