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Bug report for Tsujatha? or Kiv?

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1) Tsujatha 4


Written in cooperation with Sillara of Tamari, these banters make the two elves explore the similies and differences of their culture; past love experiences are also touched upon.


2) ...

HEY!!! I installed the sound kit for the mod but the auto install didn't work, is there a way that I can install it manuly?

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I am not sure, do you mean Tsujatha or Kivan?


If it's Kivan, can you report in details what did not work - the installer would not run, the installer ran, but sound would not show up in the game, what is your system?

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I'm running windows XP, I downloaded the Kivan mod and the sound set and ran the install, so now there is a file in the BG2 main dirctorey named "kivanBG1soundset." But the sound in the game is not working. It has the subtitles for what he is saying in the Dialogue box but there's no audio.

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Hey i tryed that but it still didn't work, when you click on now instead of say like "aye" or something he says "okie-doike ask away, yakman ready, yes?" which as you can see is just SLIGHTLY wrong. I have TOB installed would that have anything to do with it?

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No, it has nothing to do with your ToB, it is string assignment.

- You now do have Kivan's WAV files in your override, is that correct? (KIVAN01 through KIVAN26)?


-Do the lines of his soundset appear correctly when you click on him, it's just sound that screwed up? Or is that both sound and lines? If only sounds are screwed up, do the wrong sounds show on the following lines only:

~A solid hit!~

= ~A dangerous mistake!~

= ~My weapon has no effect!~

= ~I had to drop your item on the ground. I can carry no more.~

= ~I have secured something from them.~

= ~I'm out of sight of others.~

= ~My casting has been interrupted!~

= ~A snare has been set.~


- If you Ctrl+Y him and summon him anew via CLUA does soundset work correctly?


- Does unzipping the attached file into your override help?

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