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Maybe not as interesting as the other one, but here it goes: with Teleport Field the game engine counts distance from the position of the target creature at the time the effect is directed at it, not at the time it actually applies. I mean the Delayed/Permanent duration: if you put Teleport Field on someone delayed by, say, 60 seconds, enter maximum range 0 and walk him around, when the time comes he will be transported within 0 points of the original location - that is to say, teleport right back. I discovered this by trying to move creatures whom I gave No Collision Detection from unpassable terrain where they occassionally ended up. Creatures can't walk ON TO cliffs and water, there is no space to click, but they can be moved across them, and the problem was that they were getting stuck there at the end of the movement, after No Collision expired. I had a hunch that putting a little Teleport Field on them after they had rematerialized would eject them to the nearest patch of passable terrain, and I put it on them timed, but instead they reappeared at the point their trip started. I realized that instead of Delayed/Permanent TP I would need to use a secondary spell: cast it at Delayed/Permanent and put inside an Instant/Permanent TP. That indeed does the job and rescues people from impassable places.

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