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SHS: Edwin Romance updates to v2.09!

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Spellhold Christmas Updates continue!


Edwin Romance

This is a Weidu mod for Baldur's Gate, Shadows of Amn, that allows the player to carry out a romantic relationship with Edwin Odesseiron, that insulting Thayvian wizard wearing red.

An additional optional component for the romance is a new epilogue for romanced and redeemed Viconia, of a less tragic kind than the original one. Note that this will in no way affect the Edwin romance in itself, so if you prefer Viconia's original epilogue, simply bypass this component upon installation.

This package includes the entire Edwin Romance (SoA+ToB), and is compatible with BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, and EET!


The Edwin Romance mod updates to v2.09 with a completed Russian translation by Staylos, and a bugfix.


Read the Readme

Visit the Forum

Download at SHS

Download from official GitHub Mirror at SpellholdStudios



-Russian version completed, by Staylos.

-Morning after drunk talk should fire after wakeup, independent of romance timer.

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