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Amulet of Power usability

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Amulet of Power should be usable by Rangers and Paladins and unusable by Monks and Barbarians. From Baldurdash.


// usabilities for Amulet of power
COPY_EXISTING ~amul21.itm~ ~override~
 READ_BYTE  0x20 "use1"
 READ_BYTE  0x21 "use2"
 READ_BYTE  0x29 "use3"
 WRITE_BYTE 0x20 ("%use1%" BAND 0b11001111) // removes paladin and ranger flags
 WRITE_BYTE 0x21 ("%use2%" BOR  0b00100000) // adds monk flag
 WRITE_BYTE 0x29 ("%use3%" BOR  0b01000000) // adds barbarian flag


Included in alpha v3.

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