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Question about +1 arrows

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Good day. I have installed SCS with "Replace +1 arrows and other projectiles with nonmagical "fine" ones" clauseOne thing i don't quite comprehend: If the setting substitutes magical projectiles with non-magical ones of high quality in order to make  "Protection from Normal Missiles" spell more effective, does it mean i will not be able to hit the target under this spell with Arrow of Dispelling? I assume that because Arrow of Dispelling is implied to be + 1 projectile that (according to the change of SCS) should be turned into one "of high quality and thus not being effective against "Protection from Normal Missiles" spell. Am i  missing something? :)  Thank you for the answer.

P.S. Same questions stands with Elemental damage progectiles which are +1. Will they be affected as well?

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