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The Day of Icewind Dale (EE)

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We are happy to announce a day of Icewind Dale (EE). Today we release some NPC (companion) mods to make the IWD EE game more enjoyable and to add the replayability potential for every mod user. From now on you may enjoy these projects, add them to your game, and try out new character, friendships, romances. Those are:

Dendjelion, a neutral evil halfling blackguard of Bhaal:

Ina, a true neutral undead bardess, introducing potential romance with a female PC:

Karihi, a chaotic neutral pyromancer, scholar and fallen noble, introducing a romance for male PC:

Minerva, a neutral good gnome fighter/artificer with relations to Aura, a mod character for BG Series, introducing a romance for both male and female PC:

Oak-Maw, a lawful evil dark fey stalker, son of the Stag King from Rashemen, introducing a romance for both male and female PC:

Tipps, a neutral evil halfling geomantic sorcerer, introducing a romance for both male and female PC:

Urchin, a true neutral altraloth, the powerful creation of a Night Hag, with an intellect of a child:

Furthermore, Dusky v2.0 is also available, introducing a new encounter and soundset:

Hungry for even more talks? Along with Gibberlings3 a new project was brought to life: IWD Crossmod Banter Pack. It introduces banter packs between all those NPCs and Kulyok's IWD NPCs characters:

Hopefully, all those releases will bring new life to Icewind Dale. Gather your party and face the chilling winds of the Frozenfar, meet new characters and... become a hero one again.

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