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Rogue Rebalancing&TuTu


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Since the Readme itself of Song&Silence suggests to install aVenger's RR Mod to include HLA abilities modifications (which I found very interesting) and perhaps other stuff, I ask you which parts of this Mod should be installed when using Song&Silence with TuTu!


Thank you very much! :bday:

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The thief/bard rebalancing components are what you want. :bday:


Of the other stuff in aPack, I think the Elf Charm/Sleep fix will work, but there's no point installing the Chosen of Cyric encounter.

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One more thing I was wondering about...If I first install aVenger's RR and then Song&Silence, do I still get the benefits of aVenger's enhanced Bards' songs ?


It's a feature I'd not want to miss... :thumbsup:

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I don't recall offhand, but-


If he did it by coding all the songs as one .SPL file, it will work.


If he did it by coding them as a bunch changed by the CLAB at different levels, it won't.


Anyhow, surely in Tutu you won't get to a high enough level to get the improving ones? :thumbsup:

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