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LT23 Dynaheir dialogue bug?

Guest Budgie

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The LT23 dialogue for Dynaheir's romance seemed to have been skipped. I have slept multiple times and her subsequent dialogues were activated instead, I've currently activated all of her dialogues from LT25 and prior with the exception of the one I'm reporting.

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LT23 is a wakup dialogue and will only happen if EDIT: in the rest dialogue before (LT22):

-the PC encouraged Dynaheir to persue the idea of echanting items with magic although it's forbidden to Hathrans.

-AND does not succeed in distracting her from the temptation to do it. This means either that the PC just goes to sleep or his constitution is lower 13.

Talking her out of it, not talking to her at all, or constitution higher than 12 plus agreeing to help Dynaheir distract herself from the idea will skip LT23.


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