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The structure of the PC talks in KoSh

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I am starting to work again on the talks with PC, and I'd like to introduce the conceptual model that I am currently considering for his talks:


1) There won't be one majour sequence; instead certain events in the game trigger short sequences of talks. Example: if PC carries dryad's acorns with him/her for a while, Kivan will start a sequence of 2 or 3 talks about Irenicus and PC's capture. Other 'focal' points would be finishing majour quests, game progression, doing Kivan's tiny-quests, entering certain areas. I do not know atm how many talks it will be, but anywhere between 10 and 30.


2) Kivan will always assume that you have had a lot of previous adventures together and reffer to BG1 events and NPCs freely


3) Majority of the talks will have female PC's special branches that could lead to the heartfelt relationship. Those out-branches willl not be race restricted


4) I will grow the 'female only' gentle sequence, that is race restricted, but not significantly (maybe about 10 talks). I would wait for more overt romance till the two visit Shilmista in ToB and Kivan would draw strength from his land.


5) For all female options and talks I will be targeting a relatively uniform protagonist - unlike other romances I wrote, where I tried to introduce very different PCs.



All and all what I will try to achieve is having an old-time proven companion along. A female would have an option (only if she wants to) to try to be more than a friend, but not a lover. It would be a bit uncomfortable, but I think relatively different from the existing/in writing romances.

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