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PST textarea problems

Guest GTO

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Hello, I am trying to play PST through GemRB.

I installed PST through Wine and I also Installed many mod, even widescreen mod, but I just can't obtain a smooth play experience.

So I am trying with GemRB, first with the deb package version 0.8.5 from Debian and now compiling from source version 0.8.7 but each time I start gemrb I get a TextArea/ERROR.

I suspect it depends on the widescreen patch, do you know if I should put a mod folder containing fonts as the configuration value for the key CustomFontPath ?




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First, you should definitely use the latest version for the best experience. The master branch has some extra fixes if you want to compile that, but otherwise .7 should be ok.

We can't help you if you don't post the whole error.

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