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FW: Revised BP-BGT Worldmap v2 released

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Forgotten Wars


Yacomo is proud to announce that the second version of the revised BP-BGT worldmap is now available on the IEGMC mirrors.


Download locations:


IEGMC Asia (mirror)

IEGMC Europe


Please send any feedback here: Discussion thread on the Forgotten Wars BP-BGT forums


Some screenshots can be found here: Screenshots on the Forgotten Wars forums


So, what is it? From the readme:

- a clothmap style worldmap - derived from the wonderful Check the Bodies map by CBisson and Valiant, but four times the size and all missing medium and large cities as well as several area labels added

- a full set of coloured Baldur's Gate map icons including all required variations

- support for a growing amount of mods, including BP-BGT and TuTu

- a clothmap style Throne of Bhaal map to spice it up

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