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Sorcerer spell missing sequencers and contingency


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My sorcerer can not cast any sequencers or contingency spells no matter the level of stats (tho i am still unaware what role those play with sorcerer spell selection or how many they can cast)

  What I have tried: change the spell minor sequencer to a different spell school

  Start a new mp. game with different races and setCurrentXP 3 lvls at a time to max to no avail.

I can however cheat them in with shadowkeeper and they work fine.


So my question is what are the game mechanics of files that determine which spells come up when a sorcerer levels up? 

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An ee 2da is in my override I wonder how many other files are just for ee

hidespl.2da was the culprit deleting the contents that of that file caused no adverse changes, in fact is is exactly as it should be to a test run to lvl 50.

I think my twice attempted twice frozen install of scs might be to blame.

Tho I can't help wonder why no one thought of that file, the file that blocks spells or rather hides spells.🙄

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Yes it is, was just coming back to edit my post to say deleting the contents but leaving the file because TobEx does look for it.

I still do not see why those spells and spell deflection are on that list. Dimension Door apparently is no longer a spell in ee but it was on there too.

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