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SCS & classic BG2 & mod : miscellaneous issues

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Hi DavidW,

first of all, Thanks for this amazing mod.

After installing, on my classic BG2 modded game, "Initialise AI components" I have 2 warnings (in addition those reported in iwdification thread): SCRL07.spl not patched (linked to Item Revision mod), SPPR616.spl not patched (linked to IWDification mod) and the hidespl.2da array is cleared from all spells.

After looking a little bit, I have found the following things:

  • SCRL07.spl: in initial.tpa there is a condition (IR (SCRL07.spl) or vanilla(SCRL07.itm)) but the fonction always patch the vanilla .itm : should have been "COPY_EXISTING ~%object%~ override" instead of "COPY_EXISTING SCRL07.itm override" (line 81)
  • SPPR616.spl (the entropy shield on my installation): after looking to the modification done by SCS, it seems that the function entropy_shield_abjuration and ds_make_detectable try to clone opcode=142... but this opcode does not exist in the spell from Iwdification... so it fails. Replacing the clone opcode=142 by another one from the spell or adding an opcode=142 to the spell will do the trick.
  • hidespl.2da: The installation of the boneguard modify the pre-existing hidespl.2da and replaces it by an empty one - this is link to the difference of format for the hidespl.2da array between TobEx and EE games.

Edited 1: I found a typos in elemental_summoning.tpa : ACTION_IF iwd_arcane BEGIN...LESSER_EARTH=>32016       LESSER_AIR=>32017... should be LESSER_EARTH=>32017       LESSER_AIR=>32016

Edited 2: in fiend.tpa, if you install Infinity Animations b5 the animation IC_ICE_GOLEM do not exist : IA mod remove all IC_ from designations. It has to be renamed if IAb5 is installed ICE_GOLEM

Edited 3 as stated, for classic BG2, improved Abazigal Lair - component 8180 - does not work; the issue is linked to ambient sounds. ie : by adding new sounds, this component works. For exemple, - COPY_EXISTING "AM6000.wav" "override/AM6012B.wav" - and to use AM6012B instead of AM6000 solve this issue (it has to be done for all sounds even main sounds from AR6004); There is also a Typo in "CaveEntranceRocks" ambient_sound1 is written 3 times, should have been ambient_sound1, 2 and 3 ; in addition in classic BG2 those sounds are AM6000A1, 2,3 (instead of AM6000A, B, C)

Edited 4&5 :I found a typo and a strange bug in elemental_summoning.tpa :

  • typo : line 188 -- ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME "%scroll%itm" BEGIN is missing the dot between "%scroll%" and "itm"
  • strange bug : the creation of L6 iwd spell water elmement invocation, strangly, does not work when copy from air elemental -- level 17 to 20 can invoc air elemental instead of water elemental --- But this is not due to typos but more to a strange behaviour of the air elemental spell (you can't overide l17 to l20 SPAIR2 and SPAIR3... but does work for SPAIR1, don't ask me why). Using the earth elemental spell as base istead of air elemental spell solve the issue...
  • Addition : changing the cre animation of "CONJURE_LESSER_WATER_ELEMENTAL" spell for the "ELEMENTAL_WATER_SMALL" would fit better with the other lesser summons

Edited 6 : Incompatibility with atweaks -- in mage.tpa, lin 829, the macro launch : friendly_fiends; by changing fiends scripts, this function creates incompatibilities with atweaks. To install both, SCS and after atweak, in addition to put no_initial_change_fiend_summoning = 1 in stratagems.ini and not installing [Improved Fiends and Celestials] component, the line 829 has to be quote. In conclusion, partial compatibility could be obtained if a condition is added in SCS .ini to avoid that mage.tpa update fiends scripts.

Edited by TotoR
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