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Palette shadow color

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Creature palettes, the colors in their files, use the second color position, for shadow. The engine makes this color transparent. In principle, it can be anything, but actually it's 0-0-0 black in the palettes that exist, so the shadow ends up gray. How does the engine determine where to assign the animation's colors in the palette and which color will end up in the second position? I don't think it's the most common color in the animation, although that's possible... My problem is that I have a creature which is almost completely black, and the BAM editor automatically places this black into the second position. Now if I make this color transparent, the whole creature turns that way. How can I get the editor to reassign the colors? Or reassign them myself?

Edit: never mind! Got it! The shadow color needs to be picked on the first page of the editor, not with a Replace Colors.



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