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Discussion on modding BG:EE so that the main plot is more flexible

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On 6/11/2021 at 4:09 AM, Endarire said:

This Scar dialog works.

I'm glad YOU like it, as it's probably what you'll end up with, Mr get-me-to-Baldur's-Gate-as-soon-as-possible! I probably should've written 'Endarire' instead of <CHARNAME> 😛

It's one of six states CHARNAME sees if they go causing a commotion in the Iron Throne building without being sent there by Eltan (which means either choosing to have the building unlocked, or finding a wardstone key... somewhere). Scar is progressively nicer depending on how famous CHARNAME is, and whether they've begun working for Scar.

Thanks for the tag in that other thread; I'll get to it at some point soon.

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@Endarire, nope.

Wyrm's Crossing will either be open at the start, or open once Gorion's Ward (GW) gives Officer Vai a document from Tazok's tent (user choice).

Scar will begin the game at his spot outside of the Flaming Fist compound, so it will therefore be possible for GW to speak to Scar as early as Chapter 2 (entering BG city will trigger Chapter 2, unless Chapter 2 has been triggered already).

What Scar has to say, the missions he is willing to offer, and whether (and when) he goes to Wyrm's Crossing to attract GW's attention will vary. It depends partly on what GW has done, and partly on another user-chosen setting - specifically, how many suspicious letters Scar needs to see before taking GW to meet Duke Eltan.

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