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Wrist Scribers (mod for EEs)

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My problem with sorcerers in these games has always been that they have no reason for adventuring. If they are so special, being born with the blood of dragons, demons, fairies or gods or blissfully mutated from the get-go, why would they go out into the wide world? They could just sit and contemplate their navels, and power would come. Perhaps this power needed exposure to experience to blossom, but there was simply no connection between what the characters did and their class development. Wizards, on the other hand, had every reason to explore distant corners, because there they would find scrolls with new abilities. What sorcerers needed was a bridge between discovery and talent.

With this mod spells on level up are gone. Sorcerers must find scrolls to learn from, just as a musician needs tunes for his talent to be anything but an abstraction. However, learning is not mostly mental for sorcerers, so scrolls work differently for them. They can no longer cast spells from them, but they can absorb the knowledge physically by cutting the sigils into their skin and rubbing blood into the scars. When a sorcerer clicks on a scroll, he will take 1-9 points of damage (longer spells take more cutting). One of those hit points will be lost permanently. This is the toll to cross the bridge. Every spell has to be learned this way, at a price.

Obviously, characters should be selective about which spells to absorb. Unlike wizards, they can't expunge them to free up space later on, and the hit points are non-refundable. On the bright side, spells missing from the standard repertoire with conventional naming, e.g. almost all wizard spells I make, open up to sorcerers, if they can only find one of these exotic scrolls and chisel its meaning into themselves.

Absorbing a spell is automatic, happens only once, and scrolls of this type become useless to the sorcerer from that point onward. It is also an unstudied and mysterious process that changes the character. For unknown reasons his skin begins to darken and take on a blue tint. It could be the effect of the power building towards some purpose or a stirring of heritage. The change is slight at first, but the more spells the sorcerer absorbs, the more pronounced it becomes, until he turns as midnight-blue, and engraved, and fantastic, as this personage.




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There is no SCRLP_# in this mod, and the tp2 doesn't mention it. I don't know where you are getting this from. Must be a file from one of the other mods, but I can't find it there either.

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