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Is entrance orientation size 2h or 4h?

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In NI, it shows an entrance's orientation as having size of 4h.  In IESDP docs, it states 2h.

Offset Size (data type) Description
0x0000 32 (char array) Name
0x0020 2 (word) X coordinate
0x0022 2 (word) Y coordinate
0x0024 2 (word) Orientation
0x0026 66 (bytes) Unused


Which is correct?

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2 bytes, though there are only 16 orientations, so anything beyond the first 4 bits results in an invisible animation, as there is no animation assigned to those orientations.

Unrelated, but using the "Face(Orientation)" action with a value higher that 15 results in the animation spinning around in place.

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