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#72 (72) IDS: Set IDS State, prevent permanent timing bug

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#72 (72) IDS: Set IDS State

  • Only reliable timing mode is Timing Mode 1 (all others are bugged and can convert to this timing mode under various circumstances).
  • Timing Modes 1/4/7 will permanently set the creature(s) IDS value, leaving no removable effect.

This bug occurs eg. when an item, ranged weapon as bow has opcode #72 (72) IDS: Set IDS State when you equip arrows opcode become permanent and unremovable 

To prevent this bug (marked red), use opcode #177 (177) Use EFF File timing mode equipped or instant limited, and eff file with opcode #72 (72) IDS: Set IDS State timing mode instant limited 0 is ok. in most of case is duration in the eff file irrelevant.


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