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Phaere dialogue fixes

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From BD:


It resolves a major bug that caused the protagonist/party to be completely trapped inside Ust Natha with the game unfinishable if the components of the quest that take place after the Matron Mother Ardulace seals the city are not completed quickly enough, or the Drow become hostile for any other reason. I term as it as major due to the number of people it affected, and its severity in that many affected people lost several hours of game time, and some who weren't using proper numbers of save slots lost their game completely or had to cheat their way out of it. It was also major in that it took this long to resolve due to it being ambiguous whether it was a bug or not; it could have easily been planned that messing up the Ust Natha quests means the game can't be finished.


The cause of this bug was that when the Matron Mother Ardulace gives the order to seal Ust Natha, Phaere tells the protagonist/party to meet her in her apartment in only one hour's game time, and the Matron Mother walks to the west to prepare for the ritual. Given the time limit, it is natural for the protagonist/party to immediately leave the Temple Of Lolth. If Ardulace hasn't reached her destination point by the time the Autosave starts prior to area transition, the game engine cannot decide where Ardulace should be, so she completely disappears, and can't be killed to break the wards which would allow escape from Ust Natha.


I resolved it by making her transition to her waiting point instantaneous. Not the most aesthetic solution, but it fixes the problem.


This fix also resolves a another bug with the Ust Natha plot, whereby on the quest to destroy a Beholder who is smuggling Adamantine, if Phaere was spoken to twice while at the entrance platform, when arriving at the right area, she and Solaufein would be unresponsive and the Ust Natha plotline was irreparably broken.


// adds trigger to Phaere
ADD_STATE_TRIGGER ~UDPHAE01~ 49 ~Global("udMoveToBeholder","GLOBAL",2)~

IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 125 // from:
 SAY #51899
 IF ~~ THEN DO ~AddXPObject(Player1,22000)
EscapeAreaMove("AR2204",743,1008,0)~ UNSOLVED_JOURNAL #15793 EXIT

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