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Inaccessible Bodhi Lair Fix

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From BD:


It resolves a bug whereby if the player sided with Bodhi and performed her first task of retrieving the Shadow Thieves' shipment for her, they were unable to gain access to the underground crypts to deliver the shipment to Bodhi as the door to the underground was unpickably locked.


The reason for this was that if Bodhi was first met underground or in a crypt, anywhere rather than aboveground in the main area, the command to open the door is in her dialog script and only refers to the door's name without its area; therefore the door to unlock and open would then be in a different area so this would not occur.


I added checks to the script for the area the door is in that tests for the game being in the correct chapter(s), whether the player is working for Bodhi and whether the door has been unlocked before, and then unlocks and opens the door if it should be in this situation. It will only do this once so that the player may close the door if desired (it won't lock again if closed.)


Extended ar0800 with the following:



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