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Transition into Shangalar's lair

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BD alters the transition to Shangalar's lair, mainly with a lot of TR "enhancements," but with one legit bugfix. The relevant documentation:


A bug is also fixes by these files: when entering a certain door in Athkatla, the game autosaves, but if the save is reloaded, the gemstone "key" will not be present in the save file.


It does it by re-ordering the cutscene transition:


// removes bug of losing rogue stone if reloaded
COPY_EXISTING ~tran1008.BCS~ ~override~
   REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~TakePartyItem("MISC45")~ ~~
   REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~ActionOverride(Player1,LeaveAreaLUAPanic("AR1008","",\[495\.755\],10))~

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