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Giant Killer

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The Giant Killer sling is not doing the extra damage it is supposed to against giants (supposed to do +4 damage).  This likely means its improved THAC0 against giants is not functioning properly either.  I verified the damage against frost giants by comparing its damage output against Edley's Sling and a normal sling.  It only does the +1 damage that it's supposed to do against all other creatures, even when used against giants.

All I have installed aside from Icewind Dale and its two expansions are the Tweaks Anthology and the IWD Fixpack.  If this topic should be posted elsewhere, please bring that to my attention.

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The THAC0 penalty is working, but the damage is not. After digging into the items a bit more, neither The Mace of Weal and Woe or Inconsequence have their listed bonuses vs. alignments. Everything else works as expected.

Because this is hardcoded there's not a lot I can do here. I believe I can bodge in the damage bonuses for MoW&W and Inconsequence, but not THAC0, nor can I add damage bonuses for Giant Killer--in these cases all I can is update descriptions.

edit: My mistake, Inconsequence can be fixed by renaming the file--it was targeting neutrals on the lawful-chaotic axis, not the good/evil axis.

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