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Item Upgrade v6 Now Available

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The Item Upgrade for Icewind Dale mod is a modest collection of upgrades for various items throughout the game. Reading through the item descriptions, the developers really took a lot of time to give many items an elaborate backstory. In many cases, I felt that an upgrade was a chance to tell a bit more of the story.

v6 Changelog

  • The Quiver of Plenty +1 was providing +1 arrows, but they were using the projectile of normal arrows, meaning they would get blocked by Protection From Normal Missiles
  • The Remorrhaz Shell Helm had some extraneous resistance effects which have been removed
  • Upgrades which use Contact Other Plane have been updated to allow questions in the TotLM portion of the game to keep in step with IWD Fixpack v7
  • Descriptions have been updated with the latest fixes from IWD Fixpack v7 (primarily weapon speeds)
  • The mod will no longer install on unsupported games
  • Elven Chain is now added in the same order where Unfinished Business for IWD adds items to Lehland's store
  • Previous versions disabled effects by changing their probabilities (e.g. removing the berserk chance from the upgraded Young Rage). However, this was done in such a way that it still left a 1% chance for these effects to occur; these removed effects are now deleted outright.
  • Removed a lot of leftover compatibility code with the deprecated G3 Dale Tweaks mod
  • General code improvements and modernization
  • Added Project Infinity compatibility


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