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Mantel of Hell's Furnace

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This cloak seems to cast charm fire elemental kin instead of charm elemental kin as stated in the description.  Additionally, the spell only seems to work on fire elementals.  I'm not sure if fire giants are considered fire elemental kin, but I'm pretty sure fire salamanders are.

Also, are items with multiple casting options like this one supposed to vanish after only one of the spells is depleted?

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While the mantle's description just uses the generic "Charm Elemental Kin", the spell it actually casts is named "Charm Fire Elemental Kin". I'll add a small update for the item description in the GTU for better clarity.

I interpreted this literally (e.g. just elementals) so the charm effect is filtered through the built-in screens of "elemental" and "fire-dwelling". Salamanders being subject to the spell does make sense; I'll see if I can get this to work on both without breaking something else.

The fate of an item when drained is controlled by flags in the item, which I've adjusted for the next version (the Mantle will remain even as charges drain).

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