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Sample Flirting


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Since we've decided to make the cute little guy (well, big guy now) romancable, the subject of flirting has arisen. Here's a provisional Boo initiated flirt.






Boo: (Boo approaches you, his eyeswide and nose twitching. Cradled in his hands is a bundle of some kind. As he closes with you, he raises the bundle, presenting it to you. Artfully wrapped and carefully arranged in the cloth is a selection of vegetables) Here <CHARNAME>, thesse are for you.

PC: 1. Vegetables? How thoughtful of you Boo. (to option 1)

2. What in the Hells is this? (to option 2)

3. Er... what're these for? (to option 3)


Option 1

Boo: (The fur on Boo's head ruffles and his cheeks puff up as he beams happily) I'm sso glad you like them <CHARNAME>! It took me jusst agess to find them all. I hope they fill your cheekss nicssely! [End]


Option 2

Boo: Oh no! I knew I sshould have found more parssnipss! I had sso hoped that the cauliflowerss would be enough. No, never mind, <CHARNAME>, I'm ssorry. [End]


Option 3

Boo: It'ss a gift <CHARNAME>. A token of my essteem for you. Don't you like it?

PC: 1. Humans don't usually give vegetables as gifts Boo. (to option 4)

2. Oh, yes, of course... How wonderful. (to Option 1)


Option 4

Boo: Then what do humanss ussually give?

PC: 1. Well, flowers are good. (to option 5)

2. Something beautiful, like gems. (to Option 6)


Option 5

Boo: I ssee, you like ssweeter foodss. I sshould have known! Forgive me <CHARNAME>, nexsst time I'll get you ssomething more to your refined tasstess. [End]


Option 6

Boo: Oh, how foolissh of me. Of coursse you'd like sshiny thingss. Who doessn't? Forgive me <CHARNAME>, nexsst time I'll get you ssomething more to your refined tasstess. [End]

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