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RegainPaladinHood() and RegainRangerHood() script actions

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The current IESDP listing for these two actions has question marks in the descriptions. Let's clear some things up.

I did some testing on them in advance of some future mod plans of mine; here are the results (Tested in BGEE, by putting "set variable" effects on potions and script actions in dplayer3):



- If reputation is at least 10, restores paladin (not fallen) status.

- If reputation is less than 10, increases reputation to 10 but does not restore paladin status.


- If reputation is at least 10, restores ranger (not fallen) status.

- If reputation is less than 10, increases reputation to 10 and restores ranger status.


All kits are treated the same, including blackguards. You need either two actions, or raising reputation to neutral first, to restore a fallen blackguard.

Also, applying the remove/regain actions to someone that isn't a paladin/ranger resets kit abilities; it seems to function as an AddKit() action for whatever their current kit is. If the creature is the wrong fallible class, it applies/removes the fallen text as well. For example, if you apply RemoveRangerHood() to an Inquisitor, you get a "Fallen Inquisitor" that can still use Dispel Magic, True Sight, Detect Evil, and Protection from Evil.

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