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Anyone recognize this mod?


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I added a bunch of mods to my game, and I ended up with one that altered the default game in a way I really don't like. The first time it happened was right at the beginning. Just before Irenicus teleports out he says something like " I want to go to the Underdark, I hear they have some cool stuff." The next time was when the party clears the dungeon, and enters the Promenade. The battle with the Thieves and the Cowled Wizards was eliminated, and Irenicus said something about wanting to be an adventurer and asking Imoen to sign his shirt. There were a few other lines as well.


I've been going through a number of mods trying to find it so I can get rid of it, but I haven't had any luck. If anyone can let me know which one it is, I'd be extremely grateful. I'd really don't like mods that change the default game in such a frivolous way, and I don't want to have it installed, but I haven't a clue which one it is.

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Could be an installation error, because some of those lines sound like Noober's. Also, I hear that Ease of Use can cause some issues like this with its Shorter Cutscenes component. Anyone got a better idea?.



EDIT: Icelus is quicker on the draw.

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