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Forbidding ranged attacks with throwing daggers and axes

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Is it possible to prevent the player from using throwing daggers and the ranged attack type of throwing axes? I can disallow full-time ranged weapons, but I don't want to implement a total dagger ban nor outlaw all axes for the distanced attack on some of them.

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Probably not without changing the weapons themselves substantially, and that would cause its own issues. I know there are some mods which give certain weapons abilities to transform themselves; you could have both a melee-only version of the dagger and a version with both attacks, with an ability to transform between them. Then you give the two items different usability flags and you're set.

There would be some slight issues; a character that could use only the melee-only version wouldn't be able to equip the other one to transform it back. You'd need someone else in the party to do that for you. Still, I think it does most of what you're looking for.

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Why would a character want to be left without ranged attacks? This isn't for something characters do, it's something to be done to them. Anyway, I guess there's isn't a way.

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