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WeiDU mods questions after a long absence

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It's been many years since I've played the various BG, IWD, and NWN games, and I have forgotten the recommended files to back up before even beginning to install any mods.  Given how much time has gone by, can someone refresh my memory about current practices regarding WeiDU?

I have the original games for BG, TotSC. BG2, ToB, IWD, IWD2, NWN and NWN2 and intend to re-play them.  I plan to play them as separate, standalone games, not to consolidate them.  I have downloaded the various mods that interest me.  As I recall, at that time (years ago), WeiDU was the best only mod installer, and the recommendation for its use was to back up specific game files/folders before installing any mods.  I have forgotten/lost the info about which specific files and/or folders to back up.  The purpose of the backup was to have a set of orignal game files in case the WeiDU install got messed up or that it was just easier to reinstall mods from scratch.  ISTR the files were dialog.tlk, chitin.key,  and some otther files or folders.  I also recall there were discussions about saving a WeiDU installation script to keep for reference after you had settled on which mods and mod options that you liked and wanted to reinstall as needed.  I remember doing that because many of the mods had specific install sequences and had multiple options to select.  Where might I find more details?  Thanks.

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