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What are the lamest magic schools?

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I want to give a boost to mages - the wizards without a specialization. The best way to do that under this engine is to introduce many interesting spells in all schools of magic so that players who specialize for the sake of that extra slot per level would miss out on a whole bunch of possibilities. Well, I can make a few. (The second part of the answer is that they should use some kind of mod that denies an extra school to specialists or brings other restrictions, if they can do this to themselves.) So what are the schools that get left out by the min-maxing player? Divination, I expect? Transmutation, maybe? What is the situation on Illusion vs. Necromancy?

And by the way, mages are by far the most common and normal wizards in the Forgotten Realms and everywhere. Elminster is a mage, Khelben is a mage, Vanderdagast the royal wizard to the late Azoun IV of Cormyr is a mage, if he's alive - and only a 15th level one, by the way, for a measure of relative power in the setting compared to what we get in the BG series. In BG2 there are 15th level wizards - and higher - thronging in random encounters and on obscure little maps. A specialist, in my opinion, needs a good raison d'etre. They are rare, like genetic biologists in science... or proctologists in medicine, if that's more up your valley. Being a plain wizard is specialized enough, by Zeus.

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