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G3: Road to Discovery updates to v0.5!

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Road to Discovery (RtD)

A mod for Siege of Dragonspear in a BGEE or EET setting.

Authored by jastey with one component from Lauriel's Themed Tweaks mod, RtD opens up roleplaying by allowing the player to discuss and reveal what they learn about Caelar Argent and her crusade with allies in the coalition and other NPCs throughout the campaign.

The mod is still looking for players and feedback.

Version v0.5 comes with a fix for the install error if Themed Tweaks was installed, updates component one from Themed Tweaks to the changes of v0.2, more fixes, and improved gameplay regarding the communication with teh officers.


- Fixed installation problems if "Add Stat-Based Observations and Quest Options" component was installed via Themed Tweaks mod.
- Component 1 "Add Stat-Based Observations and Quest Options from Lauriel's Themed Tweaks Mod" updated to changes v0.2: Wrong variable references fixed; Reply option about Hooded Man inside the palace will only show if the Hooded Man was inide the palace; Added WEIGHT #-1 to Edwin's dialogue so it won't get blocked; cutscene changed to make texts better readable; setting of variable for generic NPC dialogues will not loop; Corrected string reference error for BG:SoD.
- Corrected oversights in scripts and dialogues: wrong variable values, missing setting of variables, missing interconnections in scripts.
- Scripting generally improved for compatibility.
- assumptions and speculations will no longer be triggered by script but will offered as reply options with the officers.
- Component "Add Additional Communication with Officers": Sir Deggernaut can be asked to list all new and already known facts separately.
- Silenced ingame debug notifications about variables evaluation.
- Corrcted remnants to other mod names in readme.

Learn more from the project page or readme, join us on the forums, or download RtD.

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