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Sounds and IDS files

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This is a question about IDS files generally and SOUND and SOUNDOFF in particular. I'm having a problem with an installation because of these. I have written about this before: SOUND and SOUNDOFF don't completely overlap. SOUNDOFF plays random sounds of a type, and SOUND has separate entries for SELECT_COMMON1, SELECT_COMMON2 and so on. What's called SELECT_RARE in one is just something like SELECT_COMMON5 in the other. Because SOUNDOFF was so limited, I expanded it with lines from SOUND in order to be able to use the VerbalConstant action to elicit particular sound bites from creatures. If I want the dragon to make his first-click roar and not the second in response, if I want the dwarf to swear and not to the curse, I need to be able to write VerbalConstant("cre",SELECT_COMMON1) or, say, VerbalConstant("cre",BATTLE_CRY2) and have it compiled. I did this a long time ago. And what it used to take was copy the expanded SOUNDOFF into override before compilation. Then Weidu would look at the expanded actions. But now I get an error while doing this. The extra lines are there, but they are not being recognized. There must have been some knack I have forgotten. Can anybody tell me what I need to do to get past these IDS errors? Or what to do in this case? 

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