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Alter Weapon Proficiency System problem

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Hi everyone.  I have used the Tweaks Anthology for years and have just run into an issue when updating to version 15 (my previous version was 9 so it's been a while).

I use the Alter Weapon Proficiency System with the original BG1 settings plus BG2 weapon styles (option 2).  I had a bug in which updating to the new version made everything the wrong proficiency (Long Swords were Missile Weapons, Axes were Blunt Weapons) but I fixed that by emptying the Override folder of all the old .itm files. 

What I'm now experiencing is another problem where the NPCs have their proficiencies wrong.  Example, Imoen starts with one point in Spiked Weapons and Blunt Weapons instead of Bow and Small Sword.  Khalid has two points in Missile Weapons and so on. 

Any thoughts on what can be done to fix this?  I tried deleting the .cre files in Override but that didn't do anything.

Update: I ran the Tweaks Weidu once more and uninstalled everything and then emptied my Override folder.  I then reinstalled everything I wanted and Imoen started with Small Sword and Bow.  Hopefully this does it for me.

Update 2: I started another fresh game only to find that the weapons are now the wrong proficiency again.  Swords are missile weapons.  Help?

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Was this an update on a game-in-progress?

While item files are always referenced from the current file, party members get embedded into the save games (to reflect spells they learn, local variables, &c.) so removing the cre files from the override doesn't revert them the way deleting item files does.


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