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G3: BG1NPC updates to v28!

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Gibberlings Three


BG1NPC Project


This mod expands on the depth of character and levels of interaction with the NPCs from the BG game. When BG2 was released, one of the major improvements in many peoples' eyes was the increased level of interaction one could have with the party members. This mod was developed to allow BG players a similar experience. NPCs in your party now have banters with the PC, with each other, and small side-quests of their own.


Version 28 comes with more or completed translations and minor bugfixes.



-Italian translation of PIDs completed, by improb@bile.
-German translation for Coran, Kivan, and Xan finished, by Belryll.
-French translation completed, by Mickaël Leduque.
-Polish only: Drizzt dubbing thanks to Anoim2666. Voice of Joshua Szpilarski.
-Polish translation: typo and small corrections, by Roberciiik.
-"ar2700.bcs" loop bug in EE should not affect BG1NPC (Gorion burial, Dynaheir romance end scene).
-Kivan should react if Tazok is killed, also if it's after Sarevok's death with EndlessBG1 or Transitions.
-Enable Imoen's Artifact polymorph effect: Allow the polymorph effect to happen by fixing the IDS value; Add lighting/sound effects when polymorph wears off; Change polymorph duration from 1200 (4 hours) to 12 (2 rounds); Change spell name to clarify effect impermanence: Polymorph Other -> Temporary Polymorph.
-Corrected some EET compatibility oversights.
-EE: Added name reference to item_use.2da for Ajantis' shield.
-EE: Description of Kivan's bow usability now mentions "Kivan" (not in capital letters).
-Removed Tutu item reference from cre (Coran romance challenge).
-AJROM_TIMER patching in gtime.ids should not be skipped for C#AJROM_TIMER from Ajantis BG2.
-Crossmod Compatibility with MPTweaks: Ajantis reacting to doppelgangers should not interfere with MPTweaks ability to pause the game for multiplayer sessions.
-Typos and other small corrections.


Read the Readme

Project Page

Mod Forum

Download BG1NPC at G3

Download at G3 GitHub Mirror

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