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Starting music smoothly


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This is a question for experts on adding music and music lists and switching to them. I'm bringing new music to an area, and in one place one of the NPC that comes out to greet the party causes this daytime music (DAY) to fade away, because there needs to be a change of mood. The usual music is merry, but he plays a sad tune (a sound file, not a MUS playlist). As he walks up to the party, he causes the fading with his script that includes the action StartMusic(COMBAT_LOSE,QUICK_FADE). COMBAT_LOSE is a tune that never gets played, here I use it as a dud, because there must be some real MUS-figuring tune to switch to, if a piece of music is to drop off gradually and beautifully. This far everything works: the tune fades away. Now, that day tune I made by cutting the music file into little pieces and matching small fade-away fragments to each, as the tutorial in the guide teaches. When fighting begins or in this case, with an impelled switch to another tune, the daytime music fades perfectly. What I don't know is how to get it to play again after this sad conversation is over. The switch to COMBAT_LOSE doesn't go away on its own, the DAY music doesn't come back the way it does after a fight, probably because COMBAT_LOSE is not a real coded function. I must, therefore, resume DAY manually, from the concluding action of the conversation. I should be able to type StartMusic(DAY,PLAY), but that does nothing, and when I type StartMusic(DAY,QUCK_FADE) - or SLOW_FADE, the melody of daytime plugs in abruptly and jarringly, right at one of the cut peces.

What I seem to be missing is files for a gradual fading IN of music, in addition to the fade-out bits. But how is this supposed to work? How do I arrange this kind of playlist?

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