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Tweaks Anthology Cleric Weapon Restrictions + IWD 2h Axes

Guest sIllverback

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Guest sIllverback


I have the CD Tweaks Anthology component installed that allows for Fighter/Clerics (and cleric multiclasses) to use a wider range of weapons - namely axes. It works with base game axes, and even the 2h-Axe component of Tweaks that lets you turn 1h axes into 2h axes.

However, installing the IWDification component that ADDS new 2h axes, these are still flagged as unusable by multiclass F/C. 

Is it possible to get these two components to interact, or add another component to IWDification that allows for this?

I did already try to install the TA Component AFTER the IWD component, but no dice.

Any help would be appreciated.

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