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Pocket Plane challenge room mod help

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What I have been trying to do is to make a gauntlet during the first challenge room in Pocket Plane. Looking through the AR4500.BCS I wanted to make a few more battles take place before fighting the last encounter. Currently I am playing a modded game using SCS amongst others. From playing it (Good party with six members on LoB difficulty) the battles progress as normal, fighting kobolds and dopplegangers > Sahugain, Ogre mage > Drow > Jon/Bodhi/Sarevok. What I am wanting to do is add other battles in between as to simulate the party experience from BG1 creatures through to BG2 end game creatures. After 2 or so waves of encounters I want to implement a wait option for you to be able to save your game so you don't have to do it all again, it will become far too tedious otherwise. What I had in mind of what I wanted to do :

  1. Kobold/Doppleganger
  2. OgreMage/Wolves
  3. Battle Horror/Helmed Horror
  4. Rest point
  5. Duergar/Mephits
  6. Elementals
  7. Golems
  8. Rest point
  9. Troll/Umber Hulk
  10. Sahugain/Kuo-Tao
  11. Vampires
  12. Rest Point
  13. Githyanki
  14. Mind Flayers
  15. Drow
  16. Rest
  17. Balor/Cornugon
  18. Dragon
  19. Rest
  20. Final fight Jon/Bodhi/Ellesime

This is roughly what I had in mind to do however I am stumped as to how to get the creatures to spawn in before the previous wave has been killed. Attached is a notepad of what is currently in the BCS file, I have made some changes and added in a Dragon fight (marked with */) to take place after the Drow have been killed, however the dragon seems to spawn in too quickly and with the drow still being alive I am not sure how to go about it as I am not too good with programming. I would be grateful for any help and if someone could explain what some of the Global and GlobalLT terms means because I have no idea. If I could figure out how to do one wave then I should be able to replicate it for the others. 

Thanks again.


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