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TBGCoM: Smiling Imp's Cross Banter Mod updated!

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"Cross Banter Mod"
(Author: Smiling Imp)

Cross-banters between the NPCs from "BG1 NPCs in Soa&ToB" mod and you custom mod favorites like Silver Star, Varshoon, Yasraena, Saerileth, Tsujatha, Horace, Kindrek & more!

The mod is compatible with BG2BG2EE and EET.

Version 1.5 contains the following updates:

  • Added MANY banters between Smiling Imp's NPCs (Tiax, Shar-Teel, Xzar, Montaron, Faldorn, Kagain etc.) and NPCs from jmaeq's "The Beaurin Legacy" mod! New texts written by jmaeq.

Download Mod from GitHub

Download Mod from TeamBG

Visit the Forum

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