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How to get EE compatible mods with this functionality?

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Greetings, all!

This stuff has seemed lacking to me and maybe there's already a way to handle it using existing mods.  If not, here's a chance for interested modders to add this functionality.

-For PC character creation in BG1/IWD, if a PC has at least 1 proficiency point in a weapon (katana, scimitar, warhammer, sling, etc.), he starts with a nonmagical version of that weapon.

-Starting with at least 1 proficiency point in two weapon fighting also grants a second weapon in any 1 handed melee weapon type (short sword, long sword, club, etc. but not hammer, longbow, etc.) 

-Starting with at least 1 proficiency point in a ranged weapon also gives 80 nonmagical ammo for that type (crossbow bolts, bow arrows, sling bullets, etc.)

-Starting with at least 1 proficiency point in weapon & shield style also starts the character with a nonmagical shield of the best AC value this character can equip.  Thus, a Fighter/Mage/Thief would get a Large Shield while a Thief would get a Buckler.

-Casting isn't disabled in any shapeshifted form.


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For the first four: that’s why we have starting gold? And why starting gold is different for each class? And the game begins literally at the doorstep of a shop.

Getting starting gold and spending it on a 1st-level character is about the oldest D&D tradition there is… I would not be the one to short-circuit that part of the game. 

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I mention the first four because certain weapons are rare and, at least for katanas, not likely immediately.  I tested with a party of 6 and we were only able to get the starting katana by having an 18 CHA character cast Friends to get 24 CHA right before speaking to Winthrop so as to get better prices, making our 670 starting cash turn into 35 after buying a katana.  This was a sample - I know - but there was a general encouragement toward going into certain weapon types due to their commonality in the game.  (I know mods can fix this problem but that isn't the focus here.)

Another request is to highlight scrolls a character can learn.  Let's assume a Fighter/Mage/Thief, or an Invoker dualed to Cleric has a Skull Trap scroll in inventory but doesn't know it yet, or the group finds a scroll of it in a shop or from a drop.  There would be a highlight color or border like this.  Alternatively, highlight such items with a green border used at character creation to denote a spell of a specialty school, like Magic Missile being an Evocation spell for an Invoker.


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