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Change music in an area

Guest Meneldil Palantir

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Guest Meneldil Palantir

Hello everyone! I'm trying to change the music in the second and third floors of the Friendly Arms Inn (I don't like that you have music there as if you were still in the main hall...).

I tried with NI, opened the AR2302.ARE and AR2303.ARE files, then changed "Day Song" from Tav2.mus to TDay2.mus and "Night Song" from Tav2.mus to TNite.mus, but it didn't work, Tav2.mus is still playing when my party goes up to floors 2 and 3. I also tried to switch both songs to "Special - Continue outside music", and still no change at all.

Did I miss something? Do I need to alter another file? Thanks in advance for your help!

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