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Mod idea: Pack animals

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I'm not a modder, but I just thought it would be cool to be able to purchase a couple of different pack animals that follow your party on its travels. For a few thousand gold, you could purchase either a couple of horses, or even an oxen.

These would be strictly for carrying the heavier loot that you find; no combat use whatsoever. No ridiculous carry capacity either, maybe something like 600 pounds for a horse (compared to a strong NPC who can get up to 500 pounds weight allowance), and 800 for an oxen.

They could follow the party as "7th party members", like Grey the dog does.

I think this would be an immersive addition to the game, while also offering some utility to help you haul that treasure you found back to civilization.

Mod name: Beasts of Burden

What do you think?

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